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Upcoming Munster Umpire training courses

The Munster Cricket Umpires Association (MCUA) are once again looking at organising an MCU Pre-Season Level 1 Umpire Training Course in 2014.

It would need between 10 and 12 full participants to make this viable at a reasonable cost (for attendees approximately €50 which includeds course materials) and the MCU will also contribute more or less the same total amount. Provided we have sufficient uptake the location shall be decided based on where the majority of the participants come from – which may be some central location if the participants come from throughout the MCU catchment area. Up to 2013 it was held in either Cork or Midleton (College) while last year it was in the Woodlands Hotel, Adare.

In addition to first time participants, those who have attended an earlier Level 1 (or indeed the old ACU&S Level 6 course) and who have not passed the examination, are welcome to attend the course again and re-sit the examination. While all interested persons are welcome to attend, we are particularly keen and shall give priority if necessary, to individuals who shall be available on a fairly regularly basis to umpire matches throughout the season.

The course shall be run with the assistance of our LCU&SA colleagues Alan Tuffery and David Walsh. I shall also be involved this year, having attended a Level 1 umpire Tutor Training Course in early December last, but one of my LCU&SA colleagues shall be the Lead Tutor, as this requires that individual to have involved in giving such courses on a number of occasions before being a Lead Tutor.

The most likely dates for this at the moment are as follows:-

  • > 29th – 30th March
  • > 5th – 6th April or
  • > 12th – 13th April

An outline template for the Level 1 course is attached. It should be noted small variations may occur from year to year in the content. All topics that are likely to be included in the examination will be covered; indeed for many of the questions the Powerpoint slides used during the course will be used in the examination questions.

If you are interested in attending the Level 1 course or are aware of a fellow club member who would be interested, please contact David Griffin at dmagriffin6@hotmail.com.

Level 1a Umpire Training Course

The LCU&SA Training Officer, Inge Bevers (lcusaeducation@yahoo.ie) , intends to run a Level 1a course in Terenure Cricket Club on the 1st & 2nd March. Those who have attended a level 1 course and also sat and passed Level 1 course examination are eligible to attend. The LCU&SA could facilitate one or two of our qualified umpires for this course. Some experience of umpiring (at least over a season) after passing the examination is also very desirable before doing a Level 1a course. Liam Hale and Ger O’Sullivan have done this course already and they shall give you further information on what is involved if you approach them.  Ger has recently completed a Level 2 course recently and has already passed the written part of that course – he is now the highest qualified umpire in Munster having only sat Level 1 in March 2012!

If any of you are interested in the Level 1a course please contact Michael Hickey at mfhickey@oceanfree.net.

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