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County’s Division 1 clash with Harlequins postponed in bizarre circumstances

Cork County were due to take on Cork Harlequins at Farmers Cross in a Division 1 top of the table clash this upcoming Sunday the 4th of July. However in bizarre circumstances Cork Harlequins have appealed to the MCU to have the match postponed under the guise that their groundsman apparently needs time to prepare wickets for the upcoming U-13 Interprovincials. Cork County immediately rejected such a proposal as Division 1 League cricket should always have precedence especially for such an important potential league deciding match. However, unsurprisingly the MCU committee succumbed to pressure from the Farmers Cross outfit and have agreed to postpone the fixture.

Just to note, the Mardyke will also be playing host to three U-13 interprovincial matches that week and will in addition be hosting a charity 6-a-side tournament this Saturday and a Division 3 League fixture on Sunday the 4th. Supporters should also note that Phoenix CC have a Leinster League Division 2 fixture this coming Sunday which ironically would have coincided with the County v Harlequins fixture.

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One Response to “County’s Division 1 clash with Harlequins postponed in bizarre circumstances”

  1. kevin says:

    now now. you’ll both be sent to your rooms if this continues!!! good to see rivalry alive and well in the rebel county.