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Cricket Legends Descend on the Mardyke for 150th Anniversary Match!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

The Mardyke is abuzz with anticipation as Cork County Cricket Club gears up for its commemorative 150th anniversary showpiece fixture against the iconic Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) on Thursday, 6th June.

Adding to the grandeur of the occasion is the presence of renowned broadcaster and current MCC President, Mark Nicholas, as the guest speaker for the pre-match lunch. Cricket supporters from Munster and beyond will have the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with this legendary figure while soaking in the atmosphere of this historic milestone event at the Mardyke.

Club Chairman Peter Dineen is looking forward to the occasion and recognises “the unique opportunity to showcase the wonderful venue that the Mardyke is while also celebrating the 150 years of cricketing heritage in the heart of Cork City.”

“It is a great honour for the club to be able to welcome iconic figures such as Mark Nicholas and Graeme Swann among others to the Mardyke for this special occasion”

The excitement intensifies further with the announcement of both lineups, showcasing some familiar names from the international and county scene.

Graeme Swann played 60 Tests for England taking 255 wickets at a touch under 30 runs apiece. He retired as England’s sixth-highest wicket-taker, the leading offspinner, and second among all England slow bowlers only to Derek Underwood.

The MCC side also includes two stalwarts of the English county scene. James Hildreth has been a familiar face in the Somerset side for many seasons and played 286 First Class games for the County amassing 18,000 runs at an average of 41. Jack Brooks, aka the “Headband Warrior”, was one of the leading lights in Yorkshire’s Championship wins of 2014 and 2015. Jack played 154 First Class games in his career taking 531 wickets at an average of 27.66.

Looking north across the the Mardyke Cricket grounds towards Sunday's Well.

Both sides will line up as follows:


  1. Clint McCabe* (Devon)
  2. Garth Davson (Essex)
  3. James Hildreth (Somerset)
  4. Oliver Soames (Hampshire)
  5. Graeme Swann (Nottinghamshire)
  6. Tom Ullyott (Derbyshire)
  7. Ehtesham Ahmed (Balbriggan)
  8. Daniel Hogan+ (Pembroke)
  9. Jack Brooks (Somerset)
  10. Jack Grundy (Oxford University)
  11. Alex Evans (Bedfordshire)

Cork County XI:

  1. Ross Durity*
  2. Robert Duggan
  3. Diarmuid Carey
  4. Benji Marris+
  5. Thorne Prophet
  6. Mark Andrianatos
  7. Abubakar Saddique
  8. Nabeel Anjum
  9. Sam Fenn
  10. Abdul Ghaffar
  11. Sid Joshi
  12. Cronan Browne (12th Man)
  13. Sahill Momand (13th Man)

With figures like Mark Nicholas, Graeme Swann, Jack Brooks, and James Hildreth gracing the Mardyke, this promises to be a truly unforgettable encounter and a memorable way to mark the 150th year of the club’s existence.

A Look Back: Reflecting on the 125th Anniversary

Sunday, April 14th, 2024

In 1999, Cork County Cricket Club celebrated a monumental year – the club’s 125th anniversary, alongside the 150th anniversary of both the Cork City Club (County’s predecessor) and cricket at the Mardyke Cricket Ground. This article, published then, provides a fascinating glimpse into the club’s rich history.

A Ground Steeped in History

The Mardyke emerges as a central character in the story. Cricket has graced its grounds since 1849, witnessing legendary names like W.G. Grace and W.G. Murdoch, and later stars like Duleepsinhji and Sir Learie Constantine. The article also mentions the final, rain-affected match of 1999 against Mark Alleyne’s Gloucestershire XI, a reminder of the ongoing cricketing legacy.

Opening batsman Graham Gooch pictured prior to the Irish Examiner sponsored exhibition match against Cork County at the Mardyke,Cork. (Picture Dan LInehan)

Beyond Cricket: A Stage for History

The Mardyke wasn’t just about cricket. It hosted the first international lacrosse match in Ireland (1903) and witnessed advancements in cycling technology with the first pneumatic tire used in a race. The ground also holds significance during historical events, with the presence of the 17th Lancers and the 16th Irish Division leaving their mark.

A Legacy of Players and Personalities

The article highlights several notable figures associated with the club. Four test cricketers – Leland Hone, Sir Tim O’Brien, Charlie Hallows, and Doug Wright – donned the Cork County colors. Additionally, interesting personalities like George Berkeley (inventor of the follow-on rule), Dyer (of the Amritsar massacre), and W.P. Lloyd (Victoria Cross recipient) add unique chapters to the club’s story.

Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future

The 1999 celebrations included two commemorative books, delving deep into the history of cricket in Cork. This dedication to preserving the past continues today. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary in 2024, we look back with pride on the rich tapestry woven by players, administrators, and supporters. The legacy of the Mardyke and the incredible stories it holds inspire us to continue this remarkable journey.

Celebrating 150 Years of Cork County Cricket Club

Friday, April 5th, 2024

In a historic commemoration of the club’s rich legacy, Cork County Cricket Club recently marked the 150th anniversary since its inception. The journey began in 1874 when the inaugural meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Sir Thomas Tobin on the 4th of April 1874 at the Imperial Hotel in Cork.

Led by President Mortimer Kelleher and Chairman Peter Dineen, the current committee gathered at the very location where it all began to pay homage to this significant milestone. Among the distinguished attendees were former Club President Kieran Aherne and esteemed club stalwart David Griffin, who served as both President of Cricket Ireland and a long-standing officer of the club.

Accompanied by current committee members Robert Duggan, Talha Kayani, Diarmuid Carey, Sid Joshi, Kevin O’Sullivan, Pat Donnelly, Susan O’Connell, and Rahul Sethi, the group convened at the Imperial Hotel. Together, they captured a commemorative photograph on the grand staircase of the hotel foyer, mirroring a similar effort by the club committee during the centenary celebrations in 1974.

Photo recreating the 1974 centenary celebration photo, featuring the current Cork County Cricket Club committee (including President Mortimor Kelleher, Chairman Peter Dineen, Robert Duggan, Talha Kayani, Diarmuid Carey, Sid Joshi, Kevin O'Sullivan, Pat Donnelly, Susan O'Connell, and Rahul Sethi) on the steps of the grand staircase at the Imperial Hotel in Cork, commemorating the club's 150th anniversary.
Photo recreating the 1974 centenary celebration photo, featuring the current Cork County Cricket Club committee (including President Mortimor Kelleher, Chairman Peter Dineen, Robert Duggan, Talha Kayani, Diarmuid Carey, Sid Joshi, Kevin O’Sullivan, Pat Donnelly, Susan O’Connell, and Rahul Sethi) on the steps of the grand staircase at the Imperial Hotel in Cork, commemorating the club’s 150th anniversary.

The event served as a poignant reminder of the club’s enduring legacy and the profound impact it has had on the cricketing community in Cork and beyond over the past century and a half. As Cork County Cricket Club embarks on its 150th year, the spirit of camaraderie and dedication to the sport continues to thrive, ensuring a bright future for generations of cricket enthusiasts to come.

This special gathering marks the official kick-off of a year-long celebration planned by the club. We look forward to sharing more details about upcoming events as we commemorate 150 years of cricketing excellence and camaraderie at Cork County Cricket Club.

Matt Reed Takes Top Honours at Irish Cricket Awards

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

The hallowed turf of Cork County Cricket Club’s Mardyke grounds has always been a delight to play on, but now it’s officially award-winning! Matt Reed, the club’s dedicated groundsman, has been crowned the Lord’s Taverners Groundskeeping Team of the Year at the recent Business Plus Irish Cricket Awards, a well-deserved recognition for his meticulous work and passion.

For years, Matt has been the silent maestro behind the scenes, coaxing the Mardyke’s pitches into playing surfaces renowned for their consistency and bounce at both club and Interprovincial level – the dream for any cricketer. His dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, and finally, the wider Irish cricketing community has acknowledged his immense contribution to the sport.

Matt Reed - 2023 Cricket Ireland Groundsperson of the Year

“The award is richly deserved,” says Club President Mort Kelleher, echoing the sentiments of many.

“On behalf of everyone at Cork County Cricket Club, I would like to congratulate our groundsman Matt Reed on winning the title of Cricket Ireland Groundsperson of the Year.”

“Matt’s wickets at our beloved Mardyke home have been consistently good over the years but this has only been due to Matt’s hard work and diligence. The award is richly deserved. Credit also goes to those who assisted Matt in any way.”

But Matt isn’t one to take all the credit. “I’m incredibly grateful for this award,” he says humbly, “but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the club and the fantastic team who help me keep the Mardyke looking and playing its best.”

The award isn’t just a personal accolade for Matt; it’s a testament to the dedication and passion that runs deep within Cork County Cricket Club. From the tireless efforts of the groundskeeping team to the unwavering support of the club community, the Mardyke’s magic is truly a collective effort.

So, the next time you witness a thrilling match unfold on the Mardyke’s pristine turf, remember the silent hero behind it all – Matt Reed, the award-winning groundsman who ensures every ball bounces true and every player experiences the joy of playing on a pitch fit for champions. Congratulations, Matt!

Durity returns as Club Captain for 2024

Friday, December 15th, 2023

With the momentous 150th anniversary of the club fast approaching, the recent AGM saw the election of officers, committee members and team captains for the 2024 season.

Mortimer Kelleher and Peter Dineen continue in their roles as President and Chairman, respectively, while there was also no change in personnel in the roles of Secretary and Treasurer with Pat Donnelly and Talha Kayani remaining in situ.

Ross Durity takes on the reins as Club Captain after Abubakar Saddique’s successful season in the role. There was no change at 2nd XI level but two new faces at 3rd and 4th XI with Ishaan Singh Seehra and Talha Mannan, respectively, stepping up to the role of captain.

The elected Ordinary members of the committee are as follows:

  • Kevin Bray
  • Diarmuid Carey
  • Robert Duggan
  • Sid Joshi
  • Kevin O’Sullivan
  • Rahul Sethi

Best of luck to all those involved as we mark the historic milestone for the club in 2024!

Save the Date: 2023 Annual Awards Night

Friday, November 24th, 2023

Cork County Cricket Club is thrilled to announce that the Annual Awards Night will take place on Friday, 19th January 2024, at the exquisite 4-Star River Lee Hotel.

While it is an opportunity to bask in the many achievements of 2023, this night is more than just an awards ceremony. It marks the prelude to our grand 150th-anniversary celebrations for one of the oldest clubs in the city. Consider this event the kickoff to a year of festivities, reflections, and anticipation for the remarkable journey ahead.

Event Highlights:

🥂 Prosecco/Orange Juice Reception on Arrival

🍽️ Sumptuous 3-course Meal:

  • 2 Starter Options
  • 2 Main Course Options
  • 2 Dessert Options
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Exciting Details:

🎙️ Former Irish international John Mooney will be joining us as a guest speaker on the night and brings with him a wealth of experience with 64 ODIs, 27 T20 internationals as well as 17 First Class appearances to his name. John also took on the role of specialist fielding coach for the Danish and Afghanistan national sides.

All-rounder John Mooney representing Ireland

🎉 Speeches and Awards

Running Order:

  • 18:00: Guests arrive for a lively drinks reception
  • 19:00: Seating arrangements commence
  • 19:15: Guests comfortably seated
  • 19:30: Dinner service begins with orders taken and wines poured
  • 21:00: Unveiling of speeches and awards during dessert


🏆 Club Achievements in 2023:

  • Premier Division
  • Premier T20 League
  • Division 1
  • Division 2 T20 Cup
  • Division 3 T20 Cup
  • U17 T20 League
  • U13 Super League
  • U13 T20 League
  • Munster Team of the Year

Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of 2023 and set the stage for an extraordinary 150th anniversary season. Let the festivities begin! 🌟 #AnnualAwardsNight #CCCC150

How to get there

Triumphant Sweep at 2023 Munster Cricket Awards

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

Cork County Clinches 20 Player & Team Honours

Cork County Cricket Club emerged with an impressive haul of 20 awards across various divisions and age groups at the prestigious 2023 Munster Cricket Awards. The club’s unparalleled success was celebrated at the ceremony which took place at the Charleville Park Hotel, highlighting both team and individual achievements.

Team Awards

  • Premier Division Champions – Cork County 1
  • Premier T20 Champions – Cork County 1
  • Division 1 Champions – Cork County 2
  • Division 2 T20 Champions – Cork County 3
  • Division 3 T20 Champions – Cork County 4
  • U13 T20 League Champions – Cork County U13 Sharks
  • U13 Super League Champions – Cork County U13
  • U17 T20 League Champions – Cork County U17
  • Munster Team of 2023 – Cork County 1

Individual Awards

  • Premier T20 Batter of 2023 – Stefano Di Bartolomeo
  • Premier T20 Bowler of 2023 – Hamdullah Safi
  • Division 2 Batter of 2023 – Ishaan Singh Seehra
  • Division 2 T20 Batter of 2023 – Ishaan Singh Seehra
  • Division 3 Batter of 2023 – Rahul Sethi
  • Division 3 T20 Batter of 2023 – Prateek Chappanda
  • U17 Leagues Batter of 2023 – Niall Donnelly
  • U15 Female Player of 2023 – Ciara Spalding
  • U13 Leagues Batter of 2023 – Hashim Bilal Ahsan
  • U13 Leagues Bowler of 2023 – Elmond Momand
  • U13 Player of 2023 – Eddie Ross

The club’s dedication to fostering a vibrant cricketing community, where individuals of all ages and abilities can excel, has once again been recognised, with 11 individual and team award recipients across both adult and youth levels.

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to Cork County Cricket Club’s phenomenal success in 2023. Here’s to more triumphs and cricketing excellence during our 150th anniversary season in 2024!

2023 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

All members are invited to attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Cork County Cricket Club which will take place at the Mardyke at 7.30pm on Thursday 14th December 2023.

The proposed agenda is set out below for your information.

  • Apologies
  • Approval of the Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting
  • Hon. Secretary’s Report
  • Hon. Treasurer’s Report
  • Election of Captains, Officers and Committee Members for 2024
  • Ratification of Child Safeguarding personnel for 2024
  • Membership Subscriptions 2024
  • 150th Anniversary Celebrations in 2024
  • Any Other Business

The Committee wishes to encourage all members to attend the AGM, which is a vital part of the Club’s calendar and is crucial to the successful operation of the Club. The AGM allows all members the opportunity to express their views on the future direction of the Club as we look forward to the momentous 150th celebrations.

3 New Level 2 Coaches

Monday, November 13th, 2023

Congratulations to three of our club members Sid, Sunil and Rob who qualified as Level 2 Core Coaches following the completion of the recent course run by Cricket Ireland at Kings Hospital School in Dublin.

It was an intensive but superbly delivered course which included six online modules, four face-to-face modules in Dublin and was delivered by four excellent tutors.

Sid, Rob & Sunil are pictured following their final assessment.

The addition of three more Level 2 coaches adds to the wealth of experience within the club to benefit all levels from U9s up to the 1st XI squad.

Well done lads!

U13 and U17 Achievements Shine Bright

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Youth cricket in Cork County has never been more vibrant, and the recent awards ceremony was a testament to the talent and dedication of our young cricketers. Under the warm embrace of the sun, Cork County Cricket Club celebrated the remarkable achievements of its U13 and U17 squads in the 2023 Munster Cricket competitions. The event not only marked a glorious moment for the players but also highlighted the club’s commitment to nurturing young cricketing talent.

Behind every successful youth program, there is a dedicated team that works tirelessly to ensure the players have the best possible experience. The Youth Committee of Cork County Cricket Club played a pivotal role in organizing the awards ceremony and supporting the young cricketers throughout their journey. Their commitment to fostering talent and providing a nurturing environment deserves special recognition.

The U13 and U17 squads of Cork County Cricket Club have been on an outstanding journey throughout the season, showcasing their skills, determination, and passion for the game. Their hard work resulted in more silverware:

  • U13 T20 Cup
  • U13 Super League
  • U17 T20 Cup

The awards ceremony was graced by the presence of Jack Filen, the President of Munster Cricket. His attendance not only added prestige to the event but also showed Munster Cricket’s unwavering support for youth cricket development. Mr. Filen’s words of encouragement and praise motivated the young cricketers and instilled a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

No celebration is complete without delicious treats, and the young cricketers were in for a delightful surprise thanks to Lavish Foods. The generous contribution of Lavish Foods added flavour to the event, and their tasty treats were enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Cork County Cricket Club looks forward to continued success and growth in youth cricket, driven by the enthusiasm and passion of these remarkable young players.