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Cork County Team of the 2010s

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Following much debate amongst the selection committee, we are pleased to introduce the Cork County 1st XI of the 2010s captained by Stephan Grobler who is also the sides one allowed overseas professional:

Cork County Team of the Decade

Weekend Teams: 17th-19th June

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

A busy weekend awaits with a mix of fixtures in both 50 & 20 over formats. The 1st XI welcome Leinster Division 1 table toppers Phoenix to the Mardyke on Saturday (1 p.m.) while the 2nd XI face a long journey to take on Tipperary County in a crucial Munster Division 1 fixture.

On Sunday, the Munster Senior T20 Blast takes centre stage with the Rebels seeking to retain their crown. First game against Cork Harlequins starts at 10 a.m. while the Rebels are next in action at 4.30 p.m. against Midleton.

The weekend finishes with a trip to Port Laois on Monday evening to take on Pembroke in a Leinster Division 1 refix at 6 p.m.

Weekend Teamsheets – 22nd & 23rd April

Friday, April 21st, 2017

The 1st XI open their Leinster Division 1 and Munster Premier Division campaigns with two away fixtures on the opening weekend of the season. #WeAreCounty



? Pre-Season T20 Friendlies
? Bangor Cricket Club
? The Mardyke
?️ Saturday (10.30am, 2 & 5.30 pm)
1. Scot Jeffers*
2. Robert Duggan
3. Scott Mcnamara+
4. Kevy Bray
5. Ramesh Neppalli
6. Sam Zai
7. Justin McGurk
8. John Simon
9. Daniel Kennedy
10. Mansoor
11. Aidan Kelleher
12. Kevin O’Sullivan
13. John Power
14. Matt Reed
15. TBD

U14 Cubs to face Harlequins in youth season finale

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

The Cork County Cubs will be hosting a special challenge fixture against their U14 counterparts from Cork Harlequins on Friday, 2nd September, to mark the end of the Munster Youth season. Following a highly competitive U14 league season, the two sides will be facing off one more time as we head in to the off-season break.

Friday evening’s games will be the last youth cricket of the 2016 season. So with fine weather forecast we will be hosting a BBQ for our youth teams and families, so even if you are not playing, come on down from 5pm.

The following is the U14 Cork County Cubs team selected to play Harlequins at the Mardyke on Friday September 2nd.

  1. Alexander McAllen
  2. Anuka Kuruppuarachi
  3. Anupa Kuruppuarachi
  4. Ben Mullane
  5. Bipin Paul
  6. Daniel Kennedy
  7. Eshan O’Sullivan
  8. Felix Joby
  9. Haroon Saffi
  10. Masroor Salam
  11. Rioghan O’Sullivan
  12. Tahmid Alam

All players are requested to be at the Mardyke by 16:30 latest, with the match to start at 17:00.

John Simon

Youth Adminstrator


U14 Cubs side to face Harlequins announced

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Munster U14 League

The Cork County Cubs side to play Harlequins at the Mardyke on Friday, 15th July, is as follows:

  1. Anuka Kuruppuarachi
  2. Anupa Kuruppuarachi
  3. Bipin Paul
  4. Daniel Kennedy
  5. Eshan O’Sullivan
  6. Haroon Saffi
  7. Josh van Heerden
  8. Limon Rahman
  9. Oscar McCarthy
  10. Rioghan O’Sullivan
  11. Tahmid Alam

All players are requested to be at the club by 5pm at the latest, with the match due to start at 5.30pm. Best of luck lads! #WeAreCounty

Cork County Cubs travel to Limerick in U14 league

Friday, June 17th, 2016

The Cork County Cubs team selected to play Limerick in our third U14 league game of the season on Saturday, 18th June, in Adare is as follows:

  1. Josh van Heerden*
  2. Felix Joby
  3. Rioghan O’Sullivan
  4. Masroor Salam
  5. Oscar McCarthy
  6. Akhiyar Hussain
  7. Ryan Fitzgerald
  8. Daniel Kennedy
  9. Tahmid Alam
  10. Eshan O’Sullivan
  11. Alex McAllen+
  12. Ashik Rahman

For players selected, please be at the Mardyke by 8:45am latest, unless travelling directly. We leave for Limerick at 9:00am to arrive in Adare for 10:30am.

For those travelling directly, the location of the ground in Adare is at: https://goo.gl/maps/MoWgZkptmoy

If you cannot make it to the ground and need a lift or need any further details on travel etc please contact John Simon on 087 225 6603 to make arrangements.

The game is to start at 11am and should be finished by 2pm. All players are requested to wear their cricket whites (white t-shirt is fine if you don’t have white cricket gear). Please also bring a drink and a packed lunch. Players and parents should be back in Cork by 4pm to catch the end of the Senior T20 Finals Day.


For players who were not selected this is game 3 of a series of 6 league games this season, so all registered players will get an opportunity to play in a competitive fixture. Our next league game is away to Midleton on Sunday, 26th June.

Cork County take on Railway Union in the Irish Senior Cup

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Cork County face into a big Irish Senior Cup 1st Round showdown on Saturday, 7th May, when Railway Union Cricket Club visit the Mardyke. With the likes of Irish international Kevin O’Brien and overseas professional Charith Fernando in their ranks it promises to be an exciting encounter!

2016 Irish Senior Cup

The action kicks off at 12.30pm with all support for Stephan and the lads more than welcome. #WeAreCounty

The Cork County side is as follows:

  1. Stephan Grobler*
  2. Ross Durity
  3. Ian Coleman+
  4. Morne Bauer
  5. Cormac Richardson
  6. Chris Banon
  7. Bhatti Ahmed Bilal
  8. Qassim Butt
  9. Robert Duggan
  10. Aaron Cawley
  11. Junaid Amin
  12. Tim Clifford

Scorers: Talha Kayani & Abdul Jabbar Younus

June Bank Holiday weekend team news

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

There’s a busy June Bank Holiday weekend of cricket ahead for Cork County at all levels with the highlight being the visit of Railway Union for the Leinster Senior Cup tie at the Mardyke.

LCU-Cup-railway-unionLeinster Senior Cup 1st Round

The Cork County side to face Railway Union at the Mardyke on Saturday is as follows:

1. Stephan Grobler*
2. Ross Durity
3. Morne Bauer
4. Rory O’Keeffe+
5. Robert Duggan
6. Siddharth Joshi
7. Abubakar Saddique Wattoo
8. Chris Banon
9. Bhatti Ahmed Bilal
10. Junaid Amin
11. Andrew Wootton
12. Kevy Bray
Scorer: Kevin O’Sullivan

This is a 60 over game which starts at 11am so all players are asked to be at the ground and ready to go at 10am. ‪#‎CCCC‬

Munster Senior Shield

The Cork County side to face Cork Harlequins at the Mardyke on Monday is as follows:

1. Stephan Grobler*
2. Ross Durity
3. Robert Duggan
4. Chris Banon+
5. Aaron Cawley
6. Sean Cawley
7. Bhatti Ahmed Bilal
8. James Hunter
9. Kevin O’Sullivan
10. Oscar Cotter
11. Abubakar Saddique Wattoo
12. Ravi Kumar
Scorer: Hamza Asif

All players are asked to in attendance at the Mardyke at 12 noon ready for a 1pm start. Best of luck! ‪#‎CCCC‬

Munster Division 2

The Cork County side to play Limerick 1 at Adare on Sunday is as follows:

1. Scot Jeffers*
2. Peter Barlow+
3. Kevy Bray
4. James Hunter
5. Kevin O’Sullivan
6. Sean Power
7. Justin McGurk
8. Sachin Saxena
9. Hugh O’Brien
10. Aaron Cawley
11. Sean Cawley

All players are asked to be in attendance at the Mardyke no later than 9.30am sharp. ‪#‎CCCC‬

Munster Division 3

The Cork County side to play Limerick 2 in Adare on Saturday is as follows:

1. Paul McDowell
2. John Simon
3. Peter Barlow+
4. Syed Rohman
5. Abdul Jabbar Younus*
6. Narsa Renjarla
7. Kahn Khattak
8. Sachin Saxena
9. James MCcarthy
10. Noelie Cronin
11. Sam Zai
12. Asad Ali
Scorer: Hamza Asif

A coach is departing at 9:15am. so players are asked to be at the Mardyke by 9am. Bring €2 each for the scorer except the 12th Man.

Cork T20 Cup

The Cork County Lions side to play Harlequins Masters at Farmers Cross on Friday, 29th May:

1. John Simon
2. Nazim Ur Rehman
3. Sam Zai
4. Pavan Kumar J
5. Narsa Renjarla
6. Abdul Jabbar Younus*
7. Noelie Cronin
8. Hamza Asif+
9. Kahn Khattak
10. Christian Read Smith
11. Kieran Read Smith
12. Asad Ali
Scorer: Jazz Sidhu

The Match starts 6pm Sharp. Please be at the Mardyke by 4:40pm or contact Abdul if plan to make your own way to Farmers Cross.

Lismore Series (Game 1 of 3)

The Cork County 3 squad to play Lismore in Lismore Castle on Sunday in both 40 over and T20 matches is as follows:

1. Hamza Asif+
2. John Simon
3. Pavan Kumar J
4. Kieran Read Smith
5. Christian Read Smith
6. Asad Ali
7. Husnain Fiaz
8. Mortimer Kelleher
9. Richard Clarkson
10. Jazz Sidhu
11. Abdul Jabbar Younus*
12. Sam Zai
Scorer: Noelie Cronin

40 over match (Prize:Shield) and T20 match (Prize:Cup) will be played the same day and with same team.

A coach is departing the Mardyke at 8:15am so please be in attendance no later than 8am. All players must bring €12 each with exception of 12th man & scorer.

May Bank Holiday Team News

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Cork County have a busy May Bank Holiday schedule ahead of them with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI sides competing in various competitions with the 1st XI making their long awaited debut in Leinster Division 1 against reigning Champions YMCA. There will be live match updates on RedFM throughout the day.

ymca-mardykev YMCA Cricket Club in Leinster Division 1 at the Mardyke:

1. Stephan Grobler*
2. Ross Durity
3. Morne Bauer
4. Robert Duggan
5. Abubakar Saddique Wattoo
6. Siddharth Joshi
7. Junaid Amin
8. Andrew Wootton
9. Cormac Richardson
10. Jack Rietschel
11. Ian Coleman+
12. Michael Richardson

v  County Kerry Cricket Club in Division 3 in Tralee:

1. Paul McDowell+
2. Abdul Jabbar Younus*
3. Syed Rohman
4. Liam O’ Coinn
5. Husnain Fiaz
6. Tughrul Rashid
7. Aravindan Elavarasan
8. Sachin Saxena
9. Narsa Renjarla
10. Samander KhuShall
11. Jahanzaib Khan
12. Fahim IQbal

Sunday, 3rd May.

v Limerick Cricket Club in the Senior Shield at the Mardyke:

1. Stephan Grobler*
2. Robert Duggan
3. Cormac Richardson
4. Jack Rietschel
5. Michael Richardson+
6. Aaron Cawley
7. Sean Cawley
8. Bhatti Ahmed Bilal
9. Oscar Cotter
10. Aidan Kelleher
11. Chris van Heerden
12. Graeme Smith

Monday, 4th May.

v North County Cricket Club in Leinster Division 1 at the Inch in Balrothery:

1. Stephan Grobler*
2. Ross Durity
3. Morne Bauer
4. Robert Duggan
5. Abubakar Saddique Wattoo
6. Siddharth Joshi
7. Junaid Amin
8. Andrew Wootton
9. Cormac Richardson
10. Jack Rietschel
11. Michael Richardson+
12. Rory O’Keeffe

A coach will be departing from the Mardyke at 7.30am sharp with full info at training on Thursday. ‪#‎CCCC‬

Weekend Preview – 12th/13th July

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Cork County are set to return to Leinster Division 2 action this Saturday when they welcome Merrion 2 to the Mardyke. County remain undefeated in their Leinster campaign so far and lie second in the league table, just 1 point behind Malahide, and recorded a 9 wicket victory over the Angelsea Road side in the reverse fixture earlier in the season.

Merrion 2 currently sit eighth in the league table, with three league wins this year and will be hoping to kickstart their season with a win at the Mardyke. However their task will be made more difficult as Merrion’s first team are also in action on the same day.

A Cork County win would heap more pressure on Malahide at the summit of Division 2 and despite going into this game as favourites, Ross Durity’s team will be taking nothing for granted against a dangerous Merrion side.

Cork County Cricket Club 1st XI

On Sunday the third team make the long trip to Ballyeighan on the Tippearary/Offaly border for their Division 3 league clash with Tippearary 2. Billy Quinn’s side started the season brightly but defeats in recent weeks have eroded the confidence of the team. With a number of regulars unavailable for the trip north County will go into this game as underdogs but will hoping to get their league campaign back on track in the Midlands.

Tippearary 2 come into the game having been defeated by Midleton 2 in the Minor Cup and will be looking to bounce back from that loss. This game is sure to be a competitive one with both teams in need of league points.

Live ball by ball updates will be available from the Mardyke on Saturday via the Cricket Leinster website while you can keep up to date with events in Tippearary on Sunday via our Twitter account @Cork_CountyCC