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Delve into the rich history of Cork County Cricket Club with a detailed review of its esteemed Club Presidents since the club’s inception in 1874, up until the present day. Notably, in 2022, Mortimer Kelleher was elected as the Club President, succeeding the highly accomplished Kieran Aherne, who served the club with distinction for an impressive span of 16 years.

The position of Club President is held in high regard and is bestowed upon an individual through a democratic process during the Annual General Meeting. Mortimer Kelleher’s appointment to this esteemed role is a testament to his enduring commitment to the club, having contributed significantly as a player and a dedicated supporter over the course of several decades.

Mortimer Kelleher - Cork County Cricket Club President - 2022 to date.

As the figurehead of Cork County Cricket Club, the Club President plays a pivotal role in upholding the club’s core values and objectives. Throughout its storied history, Cork County Cricket Club has been fortunate to have a succession of esteemed individuals serve as Club Presidents, each leaving their indelible mark on the club’s legacy. Their tireless dedication and passion for the sport have helped shape the club into the thriving institution it is today, enriching the lives of countless players and enthusiasts alike.

Club PresidentsYear(s)
Mortimer KELLEHER2022 to present
Kieran AHERNE2005 – 2021
Padraig MALLON2004
Olann KELLEHER2003
Dougie SHAW2002
Olann KELLEHER2000 & 2001
Sean K. POWER1997 – 1999
Denis RYAN1994 – 1996
Freddy P. LAMKIN1986 – 1993
Edwin VINCENT1984 & 1985
Jim A. FITZGERALD1982 & 1983
Richard P . BEAMISH1981
Gerald A. BARRY1977 – 1980
Frank G. SHORT1976
Cyril C. G. O’DONNELL1975
W. GEORGE PEARCE1967 – 1974
Joseph H. JACKSON1966
William E. WILLIAMS1955 – 1965
Sir Richard St. J. Jefferyes COLTHURST1951 – 1954
Sir George O. COLTHURST1926 – 1951
Sir George St. J. COLTHURST1894 – 1925
James-Francis BERNARD, Earl of Bandon1887 – 1893
Sir George St. J. COLTHURST1878 – 1886
Sir George Conway COLTHURST1874 – 1877