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PBC turn to bat and ball

Tuesday, May 25th, 1999

PBC, or, more colloquially, Pres – Presentation Brothers College – has long been something of a rugby institution in Cork and produced a succession of international players and administrators at all levels. They have also been a force in Munster school competitions, while their intense local rivalry with CBC (Christian Brothers College) is part of the southern capital’s sporting lore.

PBC’s cricket accomplishments are rather less widely recognised. But as Dermot Giltinan, who managed the school’s recent three-match tour to Hampshire, points out, in the past eight or nine years “Pres” has become the top cricketing-playing school in Munster. In the past five seasons, for example, PBC has been defeated only once at under-19 level, losing by only four runs to Ashton School.

Their record at under-15 level has been almost as impressive. In the past six years three PBC players have been selected for the Ireland Under-15 team – Stephen Hickey in 1993, Niall Tynan in 1997 and this year, Ross Durity.

Giltinan says Hickey went on to captain the Ireland Under-16 side in 1994. “It would be fair to say that “Pres” would provide Munster teams at all levels – under-13, under-15 and, when in operation, under-18 – with at least 50 per cent of their players each season.” Other ex-PBC pupils who have gone on to represent Ireland at various levels include Mark Barriscale, Garrett Holland, Jonathan Curtain and Michael John Wycherley. This season, Wycherley was the only Irish Universities batsman to hit a half-century against English Universities.

And many PBC players, past and present, figure in the current Cork County team, among them club captain Shane Connole, Kenneth Sorensen, Stephen Hickey, Jonathan Curtain, Robert Duggan, Niall Tynan and Niall Howell. Recently, “Pres” became the first Munster school to undertake an English tour, making an undefeated three-match visit to Hampshire. This was arranged with the help of Hampshire-based Fr John Buckley, an uncle of Ted Williamson – “the forgotten man of Irish cricket,” remarks Giltinan. Williamson, capped for Ireland last year, but didn’t figure in the national selectors’ scheme of things this time around. Next year, a return visit is planned.